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README 74301-Nov-2021 21:06
libyazzy-preload_0.17_amd64.deb 1499821-May-2018 17:00
libyazzy-preload_0.18_i386.deb 3128425-Aug-2021 17:42
Preloadable shared libraries.
  * - Force a programm to use the source IP specified by BIND_ADDRESS environment variable.
  * - Print environment variables the programm looked at (getenv(3)).
  * - Force a programm to flush std output at every newline.
  * pathrewrite - Rewrite path argument in common file-functions (stat, lstat, open),
    currently only stat(2) and open(2) are implemented.
  * - Provide transparent Recycle Bin for *nix, set RECYCLER environment.
  * - Call helper programm to ask CUPS password.
  * - Do not fail setxattr(2) when system.posix_acl_access is not supported.
  * - Always succeed fcntl read lock (F_SETLK64)