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README 46801-Nov-2021 21:06
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-10_i386.deb 1215530804-Nov-2020 00:07
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-11_i386.deb 1215576806-Nov-2020 00:27
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-14_i386.deb 1217087811-Nov-2020 15:44
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-17_i386.deb 1224085226-Nov-2020 16:26
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-18_i386.deb 1224140217-Dec-2020 15:53
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-21_i386.deb 1233923801-Jan-2021 23:52
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-22_i386.deb 1233928211-Jan-2021 13:06
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-24_i386.deb 1269592422-Feb-2021 22:18
palemoon-data_28.8.4+yazzy-9_i386.deb 1215511417-Oct-2020 00:23
Firefox-based, efficient and easy to use web browser
 Pale Moon offers selected features and optimizations to maximize
 the browser's speed, stability and user experience, while maintaining
 compatibility with the thousands of Firefox extensions you have come
 to love and rely on.
 Pale Moon requires a processor that supports the SSE2 instruction set.
 Run "/proc/cpuinfo" in a terminal, and look for sse2 in the flags to ensure
 that your processor supports it.