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mailseek_0.0.9_all.deb 628624-Jun-2016 10:10
mailseek_0.0.8_all.deb 590802-Dec-2015 12:51
mailseek_0.0.7_all.deb 540012-May-2015 11:12
mailseek_0.0.6_all.deb 518802-Mar-2015 09:08
mailseek_0.0.11_all.deb 681020-Aug-2017 17:49
mailseek_0.0.10_all.deb 676628-May-2017 11:21
README 16524-Sep-2017 08:45
Changelog.txt 70324-Sep-2017 08:45
Search in Maildirs and raw email files
 You can search by Email sender, recipient, date and subject or by any
 header field, in Email body and in attachments' name.