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Packages Summary

fzffzf is a general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder. Manual and Help Documents Homepage
iptables-module-owner-suppl-groupsiptables owner module supporting supplementary groups This package contains the kernel module and the userspace module of xt_owner which supports checking supplementary groups in firewall rules which matches to user groups, i.e. --gid-owner.
libnss-homehostsNSS module providing hosts resolver Homehosts NSS module parses ~/.hosts file for each users. File's format is equivalent to /etc/hosts. Filehosts NSS module returns IPs listed in /etc/filehosts/HOSTNAME for any host name.
libtime-duration-perlrounded or exact English expression of durations Manual and Help Documents
libyazzy-preloadPreloadable shared libraries. * - Force a programm to use the source IP specified by BIND_ADDRESS environment variable. * - Print environment variables the programm looked at (getenv(3)). * - Force a programm to flush std output at every newline. * pathrewrite - Rewrite path argument in common file-functions (stat, lstat, open), currently only stat(2) and open(2) are implemented. * - Provide transparent Recycle Bin for *nix, set RECYCLER environment. * - Call helper programm to ask CUPS password. * - Do not fail setxattr(2) when system.posix_acl_access is not supported. * - Always succeed fcntl read lock (F_SETLK64)
libyazzy-utilsPlugin libs PAM modules: pam_exec_wrap, pam_listfile_varsub Mysql plugins: auth_socket_plus, libfifo GTK-2 improvement: libprintbackend-cups Samba VFS: catia rsyslog: imklog strips kernel timestamps
logwalllogwall for syslog is an analogue to firewall for IP networks. Many distributors set /dev/log socket world-writable, this may cause enfaking the system logs on multiuser systems. One solution to set socket's permissions to 660 and sorting users and their processes into groups by which the access to /dev/log is allowed or denied. logwall gives more flexibility to control who may able to log, with which facility and at which priority with a ruleset based on peer socket properties.
symlinksscan/change symbolic links Symlinks scans directories for symbolic links and lists them on stdout. Each link is prefixed with a classification of relative, absolute, dangling, messy, lengthy or other_fs. . Symlinks can also convert absolute links (within the same filesystem) to relative links and can delete messy and dangling links. Manual and Help Documents
yazzy-utils-sysOS extensions and configs
yazzy-xutilsVarious X11 scripts for various tasks.
youtube-dlDownload videos from (and more sites) Homepage