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Packages Summary

authd-htpasswdAuthenticator daemon for nginx module auth-subrequest. It can recognize .htpasswd files within the web directory tree. It can filter for username, unix group membership, http method, url scheme, IP address of client when password being verified. PAM authentication also can be relied. It lookups for ".redirect" files to find rewrite rules. Manual and Help Documents
fzffzf is a general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder. Manual and Help Documents Homepage
gemlvEmail viewer and composer for local email files.
gtk-youtube-viewerA lightweight application for searching and streaming videos from YouTube.
hostapduser space IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticator Originally, hostapd was an optional user space component for Host AP driver. It adds more features to the basic IEEE 802.11 management included in the kernel driver: using external RADIUS authentication server for MAC address based access control, IEEE 802.1X Authenticator and dynamic WEP keying, RADIUS accounting, WPA/WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i/RSN) Authenticator and dynamic TKIP/CCMP keying. . The current version includes support for other drivers, an integrated EAP authenticator (i.e., allow full authentication without requiring an external RADIUS authentication server), and RADIUS authentication server for EAP authentication. . hostapd works with the following drivers: . * mac80211 based drivers with support for master mode * Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3, * madwifi driver for cards based on Atheros chip set (ar521x), * Any wired Ethernet driver for wired IEEE 802.1X authentication. Manual and Help Documents Homepage
insectHigh precision scientific calculator with support for physical units Homepage
libyazzy-utilsPlugin libs PAM modules: pam_exec_wrap, pam_listfile_varsub Mysql plugins: auth_socket_plus, libfifo GTK-2 improvement: libprintbackend-cups Samba VFS: catia rsyslog: imklog strips kernel timestamps
openobex-appsApplications for OpenOBEX Manual and Help Documents Homepage
permedGUI tool for view, edit file permissions, ACLs and extended attributes Manual and Help Documents
xrdpRemote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server Based on research work by the rdesktop project, xrdp uses the Remote Desktop Protocol to present a graphical login to a remote client. xrdp can connect to a VNC server or another RDP server. . Microsoft Windows users can connect to a system running xrdp without installing additional software. Manual and Help Documents Homepage
yazzy-utils-binVarious programms for various tasks. * NetBIOS scanner (nbtscan-1.0.35-redhat-linux) * SWAKS (smtp tools) * HD Sentinel * password decrypt for Claws-Mail * extract cookies from cookies4.dat (Opera) * System-V wtmp to CSV * chmod-cheap * vmtouch * gron Manual and Help Documents
yazzy-utilsVarious shell/perl scripts for various tasks. Online tools: * digwiki * dlnew * geocode * geoip * huregcheck * magyarhelyesiras * rfc * wikibot * waybackmachine-dl - download all snapshots of a webpage taken by Wayback Machine Offline tools: * corner_time * inisort - sort an INI file based on another INI file's sections and keys * jobsel * ls2html * mkdeb * screenconsole * takeown - change ownership on files without root privilege * taslis * tests * todo.wmpinboard * upsidedown Shell shortcuts: * chshebang * cut.awk * errorlevel * ff - find files * fgat - similar to 'at' command but run in foreground * findnewestfile, findoldestfile * getchildpids * header.awk * header.sed * is_digit * is_gzip * is_number * loop * msg * organizebydate - move files into directories based on their file times * pipekill - signaling process on reading/writing end of piped stdin/stdout * renamemanual - interactively enumerate files and ask their new name * swap - swap 2 files' name * uchmod - chmod file as they would created with the current umask * url_decode, url_encode Admin tools: * bardf - show disk usage fancy * syncifstate * sshwho * slay, slayall * gengrnam Manual and Help Documents
yazzy-utils-sysSystem components for Debian administration.
youtube-dlDownload videos from (and more sites) Homepage