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deb wheezy yazzy

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deb wheezy yazzy repack

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wget -O - | apt-key add -

Packages Summary

libnss-homehostsNSS module providing hosts resolver Homehosts NSS module parses ~/.hosts file for each users. File's format is equivalent to /etc/hosts. Extip NSS module returns IPs listed in /var/run/firewall/extip on query to hostname "extip.localhost" and "extipv6.localhost".
yazzy-utils-binVarious programms for various tasks. * NetBIOS scanner (nbtscan-1.0.35-redhat-linux) * SWAKS (smtp tools) * HD Sentinel * password decrypt for Claws-Mail * extract cookies from cookies4.dat (Opera) * System-V wtmp to CSV * chmod-cheap
yazzy-utils-sysSystem components for Debian administration.
youtube-dlDownload videos from (and more sites) Homepage