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Packages Summary

gemlvEmail viewer and composer for local email files.
jqlightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor jq is like sed for JSON data you can use it to slice and filter and map and transform structured data with the same ease that sed, awk, grep and friends let you play with text. . It is written in portable C, and it has zero runtime dependencies. . jq can mangle the data format that you have into the one that you want with very little effort, and the program to do so is often shorter and simpler than you'd expect. Manual and Help Documents Homepage
libyazzy-preloadPreloadable shared libraries. * - Force a programm to use the source IP specified by BIND_ADDRESS environment variable. * - Print environment variables the programm looked at (getenv(3)). * - Force a programm to flush std output at every newline. * pathrewrite - Rewrite path argument in common file-functions (stat, lstat, open), currently only stat(2) and open(2) are implemented. * - Provide transparent Recycle Bin for *nix, set RECYCLER environment. * - Call helper programm to ask CUPS password. * - Do not fail setxattr(2) when system.posix_acl_access is not supported. * - Always succeed fcntl read lock (F_SETLK64)
logwalllogwall for syslog is an analogue to firewall for IP networks. Many distributors set /dev/log socket world-writable, this may cause enfaking the system logs on multiuser systems. One solution to set socket's permissions to 660 and sorting users and their processes into groups by which the access to /dev/log is allowed or denied. logwall gives more flexibility to control who may able to log, with which facility and at which priority with a ruleset based on peer socket properties.
mailseekSearch in Maildirs and raw email files You can search by Email sender, recipient, date and subject or by any header field, in Email body and in attachments' name.
palemoon-dataFirefox-based, efficient and easy to use web browser Pale Moon offers selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser's speed, stability and user experience, while maintaining compatibility with the thousands of Firefox extensions you have come to love and rely on. . Pale Moon requires a processor that supports the SSE2 instruction set. Run "/proc/cpuinfo" in a terminal, and look for sse2 in the flags to ensure that your processor supports it. Homepage
rox-filer-yazzyImprovements for ROX filemanager Homepage
tcpconsoletcpconsole is an network emergency console for Linux. It uses lowlevel Linux specific systemcalls. When your system no longer responds to ssh/telnet logins, you can still connect to tcpconsole (using standard telnet) and get a screendump of the physical console, the process-list, do 'sysrq'-calls (for system debugging and crash recovery) and list the contents of the Linux kernel message buffer (dmesg). The program does not do any fork()ing and as little as possible other resource-allocation. Default port is 4095.
unpackArchive unpack wrapper.
wps-pushbutton-guiVirtual WPS push button
yazzy-utils-binVarious programms for various tasks. Manual and Help Documents
yazzy-utilsVarious shell/perl scripts for various tasks. Online tools: * digwiki * dlnew * geocode * geoip * huregcheck * magyarhelyesiras * rfc * wikibot * waybackmachine-dl - download all snapshots of a webpage taken by Wayback Machine Offline tools: * corner_time * inisort - sort an INI file based on another INI file's sections and keys * jobsel * ls2html * mkdeb * screenconsole * takeown - change ownership on files without root privilege * taslis * tests * todo.wmpinboard * upsidedown Shell shortcuts: * chshebang * cut.awk * errorlevel * ff - find files * fgat - similar to 'at' command but run in foreground * findnewestfile, findoldestfile * getchildpids * header.awk * header.sed * is_digit * is_gzip * is_number * loop * msg * organizebydate - move files into directories based on their file times * pipekill - signaling process on reading/writing end of piped stdin/stdout * renamemanual - interactively enumerate files and ask their new name * swap - swap 2 files' name * uchmod - chmod file as they would created with the current umask * url_decode, url_encode Admin tools: * bardf - show disk usage fancy * syncifstate * sshwho * slay, slayall * gengrnam Manual and Help Documents
yazzy-xutilsVarious X11 scripts for various tasks.
youtube-dlDownload videos from (and more sites) Homepage